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QQE Technology / We can provide efficient, reliable, and professional-grade Lithium / Lead acid Smart Battery Charger, which are specially designed and manufactured for smart lithium / lead-acid batteries.

QQE Technology

Company Profile

About QQE

QQE Technology was founded in 2003 and were the Lithium / Lead acid battery charger manufacturer. Since its establishment, it has continuously invested in research and development resources to continuously develop smart battery chargers that meet the needs of various industries. Output wattage from 60W, 85W, 144W, 180W, 240W... to max. 4000W. We have fully production line, and its applications cover E-Bike, E-moto, Forklift, Cleaner, golf carts, storage equipment, and Aerial work platforms. In 2022, the production capacity is up to 450,000 units. More and more international owned brands such as Taiwan, Europe, the United States, and Japan have asked QQE to develop their specialized chargers and sell them around the world.

QQE Technology solves the core points for customers and provides OEM / ODM solutions for Lithium / Lead acid battery chargers, which is the only reason and mission of QQE Technology.

QQE New Start

QQE was merged into AtechOEM (Stock code : 6109) of AAEON Technology Group in August 2020 to enlarge its business scale and expand its Green energy industry business unit. After 2022, we entered the 4.0 field of smart manufacturing industry, and developed the MES Smart Manufacturing Warehouse Searching system to reduce the working hours of warehouse personnel to find materials. Smart Wireless Field Data Acquistion, which provides new tools for digital transformation of traditional machinery and hardware processing factories, assists in obtaining production data effectively in real time, and improves production efficiency.

Professional, concentration and innovation are main core values of QQE constantly. QQE has always insisted on fast, delicate and practical customized services. Flexible, fast and best delivery quality is QQE's commitment to customers. We believe that in the rapidly changing international market, QQE will always be your best partner.