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QQE Technology Co., LTD. produce Lithium,Lithium iron, and Lead-acid batteries that meet customer needs charger. / We can provide efficient, reliable, and professional-grade Lithium / Lead acid Smart Battery Charger, which are specially designed and manufactured for smart lithium / lead-acid batteries.

QQE Technology Co., LTD. produce Lithium,Lithium iron, and Lead-acid batteries that meet customer needs charger.

ODM Service

QQE can design the required Lithium/Lead acidbattery wattage and appearance for the Lithium/Lead acid battery charger required by the customer according to the customer's needs. Customized services include software design according to the customer's Lithium/Lead acid battery specifications, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and temperature protection, etc., to ensure that the charger can effectively monitor and protect the Lithium/Lead acid battery charging profile process.

QQE has a professional R&D team. Over the years of rich experience, we can provide one-stop service, from the initial battery charger design, safety verification to product packaging and printing Logo, to meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping. According to each customer's needs, we tailor-made exclusive high-quality Lithium ternary, Lithium-iron, and Lead-acid charger batteries.

Lithium ternary, Lithium iron, and Lead-acid Battery Charger Design and Development

Before the production of battery chargers, design and development occupy a very important stage. The professional R&D team will give appropriate suggestions and feedback based on customer needs and communicate back and forth with customers to ensure that the products meet customer needs.

Material Supply

Different parts need to meet the certification of the local country, for example, Korea needs KC certification, and the main parts need to meet CB certification. Quantity and quality procurement team has professional supply chain management capabilities to ensure that the selected parts meet the needs and specifications of customers.

Production Manufacturing

QQE uses modern production equipment and manufacturing processes to ensure the manufacture of high-quality battery charger products. From material procurement to production assembly and testing, we use efficient management production processes and strictly control every detail to produce reliable charger products that meet specifications.

Charger Testing and Verification

QQE provides complete finished product testing and verification support. The team uses advanced testing equipment and tools to conduct various tests on products, including performance testing, safety testing and compatibility testing. We also assist clients in obtaining relevant certifications and documents to comply with regulations and product standards.

Package and Printed Logo

ODM Service | Eco-Friendly Lead Acid Chargers: Sustainable Power for Commercial Use | QQE

Located in Taiwan since 2003, QQE Technology Co., LTD. / Yu Zhi Neng Technology Co., LTD. stands out in the charger manufacturing industry with its deep expertise and experience, particularly in lithium and lead-acid smart battery chargers. They offer a wide range of products, including chargers for e-bikes, e-scooters, forklifts, cleaning machines, drones and aerial work platforms.

We are committed to providing customers with customized lithium / lead charger solutions that meet their needs and specifications, including size, power requirements and connector interface selection. We continue to invest in research and development and innovation to maintain a leading position in the charger market, and provide the most advanced technology and products. With more than 20 years experience, Our chargers are widely used in electric bicycles, locomotives, cleaning vehicles, In the field of forklift machines and energy storage systems, it provides high-quality charging solutions for suppliers in various industries.

QQE has been offering our customers high efficiency Lithium / Lead acid Smart Battery Charger since 2003, with both advanced technology and 20 years experience, QQE ensures each customer's demands are met.