2023/6 QQE Technology attend Eurobike Show in Frankfurt,Germany. | Eco-Friendly Lead Acid Chargers: Sustainable Power for Commercial Use | QQE

QQE are presenting new product introduction with visitor / We can provide efficient, reliable, and professional-grade Lithium / Lead acid Smart Battery Charger, which are specially designed and manufactured for smart lithium / lead-acid batteries.

QQE are presenting new product introduction with visitor

2023/6 QQE Technology attend Eurobike Show in Frankfurt,Germany.

QQE made a shocking debut at Eurobike show in Frankfurt, Germany, with an innovative wireless charging stand for electric bicycles and electric scooters. This innovative technology, based on long-range wireless Magnetic Coupling Resonance charging, has generated a huge response from manufacturers and customers.

31 Jul, 2023 QQE

The powerful wireless charging stand can provide up to 500 watts of charging power, making pedelecs and electric scooters more convenient to use. The technology eliminates the need for charging cables, allowing users to charge seamlessly on the move, revolutionising the electric vehicle experience.

At Eurobike show, the quality and performance of the wireless charging stand received widespread attention and recognition from the industry. Many bike manufacturers and consumers have shown great interest in this innovative technology. The charging stand not only provides an efficient charging solution, but also makes an important contribution to the popularisation of environmentally friendly vehicles.

2023/6 QQE Technology attend Eurobike Show in Frankfurt,Germany. | High-Efficiency Lithium Chargers: Revolutionizing Energy Management in Business | QQE

Located in Taiwan since 2003, QQE Technology Co., LTD. / Yu Zhi Neng Technology Co., LTD. stands out in the charger manufacturing industry with its deep expertise and experience, particularly in lithium and lead-acid smart battery chargers. They offer a wide range of products, including chargers for e-bikes, e-scooters, forklifts, cleaning machines, drones and aerial work platforms.

We are committed to providing customers with customized lithium / lead charger solutions that meet their needs and specifications, including size, power requirements and connector interface selection. We continue to invest in research and development and innovation to maintain a leading position in the charger market, and provide the most advanced technology and products. With more than 20 years experience, Our chargers are widely used in electric bicycles, locomotives, cleaning vehicles, In the field of forklift machines and energy storage systems, it provides high-quality charging solutions for suppliers in various industries.

QQE has been offering our customers high efficiency Lithium / Lead acid Smart Battery Charger since 2003, with both advanced technology and 20 years experience, QQE ensures each customer's demands are met.